Monday, September 17, 2012

Not all kids are "Pen and Paper" kids

Finding the right medium....

During the online discussion for our CAST readings, I really connected to the following text:
"Further, and of particular note for our purposes, the evaluation of ability is often confounded by the means and the medium used to conduct the evaluation. For example, a person who appears learning disabled in a print-bound, text-based environment may look extraordinarily skilled in a graphics- or video-based environment."
David Rose (2002)
And I immediately thought of this image:
That being said, hoping I get the classroom Wii set up for rewards this week:)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Grad School.....Again:)

So, after finishing up my Reading Specialist Certification, I decided to enroll in West Chester's Certification for Assistive Technology and Universal Design. I'm excited. I loved my Reading Spec. coursework, but Technology, especially Technology for Special Education is where my passion is.

For one assignment, we are required to post on a blog. WordPress was the suggested platform, but since I already use Blogger, I can publish the assignment here.

At the top of my resume, I have listed four words that would be my tagline for who I am as a teacher. They are: Reflective. Motivational. Flexible. Technological. Our first posting is to be a reflective post on Learning Styles inventories.

Here are my results from the Learning Styles Inventory (Multiple Intelligences-Gardner):

My scores, along with a few classmates' scores, were highest in both Interpersonal and Intrapersonal. You might think that these two should be opposite, but it made sense to me. Although it wasn't easy growing up with seven siblings, I had to navigate my childhood with a lot of people and personalities. Throughout high school and college. I kept diaries and journals and student teaching required the art of reflective journaling in your daily teaching. Boy, I wish I could make the time for that now!

This year, I want to strike a better balance with being reflective and keeping from being hard on myself.  Reflecting on my craft, but seeking support and encouragement when I need it. 

We also responded on a three brains activity. a Visual image was presented with specific focus questions. One thing that I connected with was that my responses about the people in the image, were emotional based. I like to thing I am strong with instilling Social Emotional Learning skills in my kiddos. It would make sense for me to notice a person expressing an emotion since I value teaching those skills. 

At my school building Opening Day (we have two since we have an IU specific one), they displayed this image:
I still love the Education Program quote from my undergraduate (Kutztown University) that we are "Teachers as lifelong learners." Here's hoping to a great year!