Thursday, July 19, 2012

Target's Teacher Section Deals!

Over the past few years, Target's $1 section has become a treasure box for teachers. Here is a pic of what I was able to grab today:

My favorite thing is the "HI" carpet ($2.50). I will use this during Circle/Morning Meeting as the spot for the greeter to stand on when the greet their friends. It is a perfect visual cue for my kiddos!

Reusable Dry Erase packets.

Green magnetic containers (round).

Dr. Seuss hologram cups (use for centers containers in March).

Green pencil/utensil baskets. I may put a group one on each table with scissors, glue, etc. in case any kid is missing something as we start an activity.

Gotta love a good deal!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Huge Blog Giveaway!

Faithful in First is running a huge giveaway with lots of chances to earn points!
Follow her blog here:

Snack Choice

We have snack each morning with 2 choices. I have big "menu" pictures and then small "menu" laminated pictures in each black basket underneath the corresponding picture. There is a clipboard with each of the kids' pictures ( I had to gray them out) and a blank velcro spot so they can put their choice there. It really helps with the hectic nature of arrival/unpacking/bathroom.

Individual Schedules

Most of the students in my class use an individual picture schedule to help them see what is expected of them throughout the day. I make the word bigger than the Boardmaker picture and try and use pictures of the therapists.
These kits are from Pyramid Educational Products. I have had a set of 5 since 2003 and they are still in good shape, minus some velcro marks. They are so durable and the kids respond well to how visually graphic they make their schedule. If you have a Boardmaker CD (Mayer Johnson), they have a ton of schedules pre-made on Boardmaker share. Best thing is they are free!

Self and Match (Salter and Croce)

I got to go to the Self and Match: Introduction training at the end of June. It was great! I have used Self and Match, know the psychology and theory behind it, but this thorough day training was pretty eye-opening to what I can be doing differently and better for my kiddos.
I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking to improve an individual or class-wide motivation system.
Here is a link to their blog:
Self and Match (Salter and Croce) website

Another Staples Find!

Although they aren't in the dollar section right now, Staples has Lock-Ups brand containers from time to time. These work perfectly for edible rewards (with parent permission) for appropriate behavior. We can put one little piece of candy in there and the kids can hold it during the activity, so it remains visible for them and they have something to busy their hands with. They need some support in the beginning so they don't shake it during instruction, but my kiddos got it pretty quickly. If they want to hold it, it stays quiet, simple as that.
They even twist and lock together!

Staples Find!

I find amazing teacher things at Staples. This morning I got memo-size clipboards for $1 each, and with my 15% teacher summer discount, they ended up being 85 cents! I was able to get a bunch of the same color, so no arguements and the kids can choose what color marker to use.
I plan to use these with scrap paper (cut in half) for letter and sight word practice. They will fit perfectly on my little kiddos laps!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

How Multicultural is Your Library?

After a week of an intensive grad school class "Children't Literature", I am finally starting to decompress from the hour commute and really process all that I learned this week. This class and the professor were amazing! I was a suburban teacher in a class of nine urban Philly teachers, and it was really refreshing. I hear of the hardships of Philly teachers often, yet not one of these ladies had a complaint! I was really able to reflect on how much diversity I have in my classroom library.....which is nowhere near where it should be. I can pride myself on having ability awareness and anti-bullying books but I need to add some more texts to really represent diversity. This is a good list of Multicultural books for classrooms.